Low-Income Energy Network – Program Information

The Low-Income Energy Network (LIEN) is a joint program of the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) and the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ACTO). LIEN’s aim is to ensure that low-income consumers have optimal access to energy efficiency and financial assistance programs and to build local community capacity to reduce energy poverty. You can find further information on their website:

Thanks to their continued advocacy, the following programs and supports are available. We thank them for sharing this important information.

Ontario Electricity Support Program – OESP
Ongoing rate affordability program that provides low-income electricity consumers with an on-bill monthly credit.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program Emergency Financial Assistance – LEAP EFA
An emergency financial assistance fund for low-income customers are in arrears or facing disconnection.

Energy Affordability Program & Home Winterproofing Program
Programs that help low-income customers reduce their energy use through the introduction of free energy efficiency upgrades to their home.

Low-income customer service rules that utility companies will offer, such as security deposit exemption, waiving of disconnection or reconnection fees, a generous arrears repayment agreement etc.