Our Staff

Our office is staffed by lawyers, paralegals and support staff. We are also assisted by temporary articling students, students and volunteers.

Office Staff

1 Leaside Park Drive, Unit 1, Toronto   M4H 1R1

Names/Job TitlesAreas of Practice
Marjorie Hiley, Executive DirectorImmigration
Bhavin Bilimoria, Director of Legal Services,  LawyerHousing 
Marcia McKenzieOffice Manager
Elena AnguloOffice Administration 
Lucia Henao-Quinones, Lic. ParalegalIntake Team
Cherryann NurseIntake Team
Jieun Park (Grace), Lic. ParalegalIntake Team
Esma OzbeckIntake Team
Nicole Guthrie, LawyerImmigration
Jennifer Wan,  LawyerImmigration
Allison Krochak, LawyerImmigration
Andrew Langille, LawyerEmployment/Human Rights
Brianne Shalland-Bennett, Lic. ParalegalEmployment/Human Rights
Tengteng Gai, LawyerEmployment/Human Rights
Luis Mayorga, Licenced ParalegalHousing/Human Rights
Steven Badger, LawyerHousing
Christine Da Costa Antunes, LawyerIncome Maintenance
Rana Ismail, LawyerIncome Maintenance
Nalini Ramsook, LawyerIncome Maintenance
Suzanna Li, Licenced ParalegalIncome Maintenance/Immigration
Catherine Manson, ParalegalCommunity Development
Zach Morgenstern, Articling Student Waiting, Call to Bar
Alicia CharlesOffice Administration (contract)
Zahra Issa Office Administration (contract)