Our Staff

Our office is staffed by lawyers, paralegals and support staff. We are also assisted by temporary articling students, students and volunteers.

Names/Job TitlesAreas of Practice
Marjorie Hiley, Executive DirectorImmigration
Bhavin Bilimoria, Director of Legal Services,  LawyerHousing 
Marcia McKenzieOffice Manager
Elena AnguloOffice Manager Assistant  
Lucia Henao-Quinones, Lic. ParalegalIntake Team
Cherryann NurseIntake Team
Jieun (Grace) Park , Lic. ParalegalIntake Team
Esma OzbeckIntake Team
Nicole Guthrie, LawyerImmigration
Jennifer Wan,  LawyerImmigration
Allison Krochak, LawyerImmigration
Andrew Langille, LawyerEmployment/Human Rights
Richa Sandill, Lawyer Employment 
Amy Brubacher, Lawyer Employment 
Luis Mayorga, Licenced ParalegalHousing/Human Rights
Karly Wilson, LawyerHousing
Victoria Wan, Lawyer Housing
Christine Da Costa Antunes, LawyerIncome Maintenance
Rana Ismail, LawyerIncome Maintenance
Nalini Ramsook, LawyerIncome Maintenance
Suzanna Li, Licenced ParalegalIncome Maintenance
Catherine Manson, ParalegalCommunity Development
Zach Morgenstern, Lawyer Immigration
Alicia CharlesOffice Administration (contract)
Zahra Issa Office Administration (contract)