Our Board

Our Board Members are people who work or live in our community and they are elected from the general membership at the clinic’s Annual General Meeting to become Board members. They volunteer 5 to 6 hours each month to attend meetings and work on projects. The board members oversee the administration and policies of the clinic and guides the staff on issues of importance to our community.

We need Board members with different skills as well as those who have used our services and are from the community. If you are interested in becoming a Board members, please complete our Membership Form or call us for more information (416-441-1764, ext. 22).

You can also become a General Member by completing our Membership Form and sending it to us.

Our Current Board:

Kirk Cooper President of the Board
Cenobar Parker Vice President
Vanessa Rose Secretary/ Treasurer
Geoff Kettel Director
Jenna Seguin Director
Lucy Becker Director
Afie Mardukhi Director
Ashish Malik Director
Keith Persaud Director
Vacant Director
Vacant Director
Vacant Director