No Demovictions Rally – October 2, 2023

On October 2, 2023, we joined the No Demovictions rally outside City Hall in Toronto. No Demovictions is a group brought together by the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations (FMTA) organizing to end demovictions and displacement, and to protect affordable housing.

The three founding buildings were 25 St. Mary Street, 55 Brownlow Avenue, and 145 St. George Street. There are currently over 70 buildings in Toronto facing demoviction, representing almost 10,000 people. In the DVCLS catchment area, there are 13 buildings facing demoviction, close to 800 units, and likely over 1,000 people.

Together with No Demovictions and other organizations and advocates, we delivered a letter with several asks to City Council, and then marched to Queen’s Park to deliver the letter to the provincial government. The letter asks the municipal and provincial governments to address the issues being caused by profit-driven demovictions. To learn more and get involved, visit their website at

Karly Wilson, Staff Lawyer from our Housing Law Team, and Laura Anonen, our Community Development Worker, attended and spoke at the Rally.