Have the ODSP and OW rates been changing recently?

The benefit rates of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) have seen a 6.5% increase in July 2023, based on the cost of living formula established by the Ontario Government which takes inflation into account. The ODSP rate is now roughly $1308 a month for a single person with disability and maximum shelter allowance. This is an increase from the prior amount being $1228. Although there is an increase in rates, ODSP incomes still fall significantly short in effectively covering essential needs like food, housing, transportation, medication, disability-related expenses, and other necessities. For example, the value of the adjusted disability poverty line is $3091. As discussed above, even with the increase, the amount falls far below the adjusted disability poverty line.

Below the official poverty line for every family type, Ontario Works (OW) incomes have remained the same for the fifth year with no increases. Recipients can expect the same amount of $733 per single person per month. OW recipients can still earn up to $200 per month before the benefit is clawed back at 50%.

Families with children will also encounter an inflation-related surge in their monthly Ontario Child Benefit (OCB) allocations. This results in an approximate $8 per month (approximately $98 per year) per child increase.

The rates sheet, which is reviewed occasionally, encompasses a variety of rates, including Basic Needs and Maximum Shelter rates tailored to different family compositions, as well as rates from the previous year. Additionally, the rates sheet details the Ontario Child Benefit figures for individuals with dependent children.

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